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Project Library

8.8 million EUR can be allocated from the Programme funds for project activities in Russia, and 4.4 million EUR of them come from Russian national funding.

Second Call for Project Applications

The Interreg Baltic Sea Region Monitoring Committee met in Helsinki on 23-24 May 2017 to select project applications that will receive funding within the framework of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme 2014-2020. The main outcomes:

  • 71 project applications submitted, 
  • 39 project applications selected, 15 of them include Russian partners.

First Call for Project Applications

On November 18-19, 2015 the Monitoring Committee selected the first 35 projects within the framework of the Programme (of 78 submitted).

35 Projects of the Programme First Call:

Priority 1. Сapacity for Innovations 
11 projects, including 2 with Russian associated partners

Priority 2. Management of Natural Resources 
13 projects, including 7 with Russian associated partners

Priority 3. Sustainable Transport
10 projects, including 5 with Russian associated partners

14 Projects of the Programme First Call with Russian associated partners:

  1. BSN - Baltic Science Network
  2. Smart Blue Regions
  3. NonHazCity - Innovative management solutions for minimizing emissions of hazardous substances from urban areas in the Baltic Sea Region
  4. WAMBAF - Water management in Baltic forests 
  5. IWAMA - Interactive water management  
  6. DIAMON - Decision aid for marine munitions 
  7. BALTIC SLURRY ACIDIFICATION - Reducing nitrogen loss from livestock production by promoting the use of slurry acidification techniques in the Baltic Sea Region
  8. BEA-APP - Baltic energy areas - a planning perspective
  9. BALTIC LINES - Coherent linear infrastructures in Baltic maritime spatial plans 
  10. GREEN CRUISE PORT - Sustainable development of cruise port locations 
  11. EnviSuM - Environmental impact of low emission shipping: measurements and modelling strategies
  12. NSBCoRe - North Sea Baltic connector of regions
  13. TENTacle - Capitalising on TEN-T core transport network corridors for prosperity, growth and cohesion 
  14. Go LNG - Liquefied Natural Gas value chain for clean shipping, green ports and blue growth in the Baltic Sea Region